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Auckland Birth Photography

There is nothing more powerful than an image of a mother holding her baby just moments after delivery and new parents looking down in awe at the beautiful new little bundle.

Yes, birth photography is an investment, but it’s an investment that you’ll never regret. An investment that will become more and more valuable as the years go on.

Because mama, you’ll just never get this moment again.

No matter how this journey unfolds, it will forever be one of your greatest achievements and a pinnacle moment of your journey on this earth.  

Having given birth to two beautiful children myself, I am completely in awe about the power and strength of women during childbirth. While I did not have a birth photographer myself, I had a friend documenting a few special memories of the birth of my son. These images are some of my most treasure photos as it brings back the pure joy I felt when finally holding my beautiful baby boy in my arms. 

  Birth photography is visual proof of how incredibly strong you were. How just at that moment you really didn’t think you could go on and then did. Each birth is unique and special and being able to document this special journey is one of the biggest privileges I could ask for.

I am the right fit to document your special journey if you


In person or video catch up to discuss your birth plan and vision

On-call 24/7 from 37 weeks gestation

Documentation of your birth from active labour until 1 hour postpartum

5 sneak peak images delivered within 24hrs of your birth which you can use to announce the arrival of your little one.

All digital images (expect around 100+) delivered via digital download within 2 weeks of your birth

An online gallery for 2 weeks 

Complimentary Newborn session in the case of emergency Caesarean


Birth Package Add-Ons

1h Mini Maternity Session in East Auckland Region


Newborn Studio Session in my Beachlands Studio


8×8 Linen Photo Book from Queensberry documenting your birth story


Frequently Asked Questions

I recommend booking at 3 to 4 months prior to your due date as I only take on one birth session at a time. However, if you have decided at the last minute that you would love to have your birth story covered, please get in touch to see if I still have availability. 

If you deliver your baby via C-Section, most hospitals won’t allow a photographer to be present. In this case I will capture the first hours of you getting to know your little bundle of joy and offer a complimentary Studio Newborn Session.

I promise that you will barely notice my presence there. I am trying to be as little as possible in the way, but I love to support you as best as possible, run errand for you and provide encouragement. I have given birth to 2 children myself and while every birth is different and unique, I can totally relate. There is nothing to be ashamed off or to worry about, I have seen it all and am completely calm.

Life is never certain and birth stories are unpredictable. While I will be on call from 37 weeks until you deliver your baby, sometimes things happen very fast and I might not be able to make it in time. If for reasons out of my control I cannot be there in time, I will capture the first hours of you getting to know your little bundle of joy and offer a complimentary Studio Newborn Session.

I usually recommend to contact me as soon as you are certain that your labour has started. Depending on where you give birth, I will leave when you are between 5 to 6cm dilated to ensure I am there on time.

A birth is a very private and special event and usually my clients prefer to keep the photos to themselves. The beautiful lady show in the very few images here has graciously given me permission to share these with you. Upon request I can provide you with access to her full gallery to give you a better idea of what a birth story could look like.