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What to wear for a family photo session?

One of the most question I get asked by my clients is what to wear for the family session. So here a few tips on clothing:

  • Don’t go matchy-matchy. There is no need for everyone to wear blue jeans and a white shirt. Rather choose colours that complement each other like yellow/grey, blue/white/beige, red/white/grey.
  • Go simple for family’s wardrobe. When planning your outfits for the family & sibling shots, most people like to stick with soft, neutral colours like beige, grey, blue or cream as the dominate colors. This keeps the focus on the subjects and the family connection. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a pop of colour. And if bolder colours are your style, then go for it. After all they are your photos and should reflect who you are.
  • Avoid neon colours. Vibrant, neon colours cast onto skin changing the colour and tint of your skin and are hard to photograph as they reflect.
  • Avoid bold patterns and big logos as these distract from you.
  • For siblings, I recommend a classic, timeless outfit. Steer clear of logos and shirts with writing. Those can be distracting in photos as the eye immediately goes to the words or picture on the shirt instead of the sweet sibling moment.
  • Jewellery is great – but make sure to leave the sunnies in the car and consider taking off big bold watches as they tend to dominate in the photos.

Here 3 great colour combinations. Which one is your favourite?

Blues! Personally, a blue colour scheme is my favourite as it works great with any hair colour, is suitable for both boys and girls and allows great contract with a pop of yellow or orange. Pair blue with beige, white or grey. Also the perfect colours for a beach photo shoot.


Green/Orange! Oh, I love the the pop of orange in this one paired with neutral green and beige, this is perfect for a family session in the grass or fields.


Cream paired with rust is just the perfect colour combination for fall photos. Pair some beige pants with a cream jumper and add a shawl/scarf in rust as an accent colour.

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